Bemer Materiali


To find the best materials for a project has been Bemer company’s mission since 1969. Marble, stones, wood, porcelain are some of the main materials selected on the Italian scenary always aiming to top quality, respect for nature and aesthetics. The relation ship with the raw materials is strictly linked to the history where the company is established: Cortemilia. A village on the Alta Langa borders where the stone processing has always had an artisan vocation. This is the distinctive trait, a breadth of view that marries the past, the present and the future. Because the telling has to be understood and valorized.

apri chiudi

the man

La téchne is the art of doing with expertise; it is the craftsman skill of making an idea come true. The Bemer company has gone further because today architects and interior designers ask for ability to vision. A team of professionals able to enter into a project and create a complete range of proposals. Choice of finishing materials for floors, walls, chromatic matching, functionality: all qualities of a long walk where selections, technical experience, taste and creativity and imagination are something more. Bemer is experience and passion for excellence

apri chiudi

the laboratory

Bemer is also a laboratory where materials and sharpened and personalized. It is the natural habitat of action and art. It is the place where expertise takes forms through the work on the materials either the natural or artificial ones. Each project has a critical point to be solved with the so called customization. Bemer can be a reply, a solution to this thanks to their expertise, their skill and their instruments. The quality control of each working phase is their main aim. The fixing of their materials is the fulfillment of their mission.

apri chiudi